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When organizations become Open & Agile…


When a company goes beyond their offices, beyond their internal human resources processes, beyond of their corporate email, phones and video conference systems, beyond their IT systems, beyond their people on the payroll, beyond their direct or indirect partners….and it continues doing business in its core culture, leading the way and gathering new revenue…that’s it! It is an Extended Corporation!

Extended Services & Workforce Model – Bitnary.info

You can extend your doing business culture, products, services and customer dynamics interactions management to the extended corporation…and is it possible through digital transformation and transformational culture strategy. The idea, in essence, is not new, but its implementation has to be.

The extended corporation has to be culture and corporate mission-aligned, agile, and in continuous communication with the core organization (see above picture, the dotted line between core and extend corporation represents that imbricated collaboration and communication). Sharing the mission, the culture and revenues is the glue that permits the extended engine to work.


In the new digital transformation ecosystem, the extended corporation landscape has the following components:

The EXTENDED corporation LANDSCAPE – Bitnary.info

The EXTENDED corporation LANDSCAPE – Bitnary.info

  1. The business services & products ocean: this ocean is conformed by medium, small but great value companies, and big companies offering, using and interwoven ready-made business value pieces through global n-sides platforms, digital products and ubiquitous services (cloud infra, SaaS, …, marketing platforms, etc…), see the picture above. And in this way breaking and building continuously new business value chains for their customers.
  2. The extended workforce: this extended workforce is conformed by well digital / e-commerce / IT, or with the potential to be, trained independent people around the world. A distributed and very appreciated workforce, that needs to belong to a family for solid growth.

The EXTENDED WORKFORCE & its relationship with the CORPORATION

For example, an affiliate program is a very well-known sales channel for a lot of business, but you need to inbound and imbricate it in your culture if you want to include it in your extended business corporation. Because an extended corporation promulges its word through its extended workforce, it is an extended business family, a part of the corporation with more freedom and an indirect relationship but still belonging to the corporation through his shared common mission, methods, and recurring family relationship through a social open conversation (the extended glue).

The EXTENDED WORKFORCE & its relationship with the CORPORATION

The EXTENDED WORKFORCE & its relationship with the CORPORATION

The extended workforce is in a continuous flow (turnover) through our extended organization engine. So our extended glue has two principal, perfectly interwoven, components:

  1. The Core Business Culture and Processes (common mission, self-service methods, and recurring family relationship through a social open conversation), which is imbricate (red color in the picture above) with
  2. the new Digital Market Ocean (a whole new ecosystem).


The extended corporation is based in a solid extended workforce, and that is POSSIBLE through the following levers:


Some of the benefits that a corporation gain when adopting an extended approach are:

  • Agile organization: being an extended organization implicates to have a structure and processes always born-ready for continuous change.
  • Open ears in the market, very close to the customer, supported by the extended structure and channels.
  • Info organization culture.