We have identified the following characteristics that conform the context of the new Digital Transformation Ecosystem:

New Digital Transformation Ecosystem - characteristics

New Digital Transformation Ecosystem – characteristics

  • Digital products with high initial, fixed cost
  • Digital products with very low marginal cost
  • Digital products very easy to bundle in new ones (new value)
  • Different markets converge into new services and products
  • The converging market sets up new competitors and partners
  • Very fast change: tech, market, society, digital evolution
  • No strong market barrier, no fortified position. Innovation needed for a stake in this new market ecosystem
  • Consumer has and wants instant information access
  • Consumers talk to consumers, social. They have the decision power: low engagement and high critical position
  • Consumer is tech-savvy, multitasking, mobile centric and always is connected
  • Consumer wants one-face, fair, instant relationship with business organizations
  • Customization
  • Regulations
  • Technology is core: BPA + Big Data & Analytics & AI + Cloud + Mobility + IoT + Robots & Autonomous Machines + Blockchain
  • Cybersecurity
  • Distributed Teams working remotely
  • Open Digital Platforms, n-sides participants