Francisco Matamoros Ruiz - Digital Transformation Strategy Advisor

Francisco Matamoros Ruiz – Digital Transformation Strategy Advisor

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The development of a value proposition fitted to the customer and the systematization of a specialized agile sales cycle, result in a predictable revenue pipeline. The basic pillar that ensures a solid growth.

Currently as Channels & Business Solutions Senior Manager in the Big Data & Artificial Intelligence sector: activating the digital transformation towards data-driven organizations.

When reading the publications in this blog, I am sure that you will have perceived a systematic structured network of concepts (practices, methodologies, business transformations principles, holistic approach, etc…), orchestrated dynamic posts’ interlinking and a systematic redaction style, enacting as a whole the planed objective message. The same qualities that I focus and transmit to my teams and clients to achieve the planed business solution goal.

This structured, methodological and dynamic style is consequence of my education and my long career in the IT sector, leading many different IT projects and teams of hundreds of people in many different sectors. I have been working on IT sector for 20 years, ensuring quality delivery and value capture of business throughout sales process, product implementation and delivery and ongoing client support.

I am a senior profile with a Technical & Business background with focus on the methods, approaches, frameworks, techniques and technologies (Agile, BPM, RPA, Big Data & Analytics & AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Devops, SEO) supporting the digital transformation towards the customer-centric operating business model.

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