Trees, green fields, houses, villages and mountains showing up and quickly disappearing by the opposite side of the window…like an infinity streaming of beautiful pictures you can see from your seat at the high-velocity train. But if your train was stopped and the things and events out the window are what really move and leave you behind them, while you feel lagged and confused.

That is what is happening for many organizations in front of the Digital Transformation, they are lagging behind like a stopped train while their people are looking how new things happens out the windows.

Please, you don’t have any more time, buy a new ticket toward the Digital Era: put in practice the following strategic principles.

The’s main Strategic Principles Framework for Competing & Success in the Digital Era as Business Organization

Where does your company stand in its digital transformation? Digital Transformation is hard, but if you follow these strategic principles holistic framework you will be ready for competing and success in the new Digital Era:

Strategic Principles Framework for Competing & Success in the Digital Era as Business Organization --

Strategic Principles Framework for Competing & Success in the Digital Era as Business Organization —

  1. Ability to change, to be agile and re-invent itself and to enact bold innovation. For most traditional firms, this is not part of their DNA. Disruption will happen, regardless if you lead it or not. Self-disruption is at least better than being disrupted by someone else. You should set up semi autonomous innovation business units putting focus on Discovering and Validating your new Customer. Do not be afraid to think outside the box.
  2. One Face Customer-Centric Digital Organization: have customers as the key driver in the nowadays digital business ecosystem, make customer experience a priority. They are ones who pay these businesses for their products and services. All things being equal, people buy from friends. And a friend only has one face. One Face Customer-Centric Digital Organizations will win the digital business battle.
  3. Employees as customer ambassador in the nowadays hyper communicated digital society. Set up and enact the policies, processes and culture for your people understand customer centricity as their natural motive.
  4. Be an Actionable Data-driven Digital Organization: define actionable metrics (KPIs) supporting a continuous moving foward and improvement digital business cycle.
  5. Foster data-driven actionable quick-wins: use them to establish proof of concept and demonstrate business value. Not every project will succeed, but they will all help you learn the approach that works for your organization.
  6. Adopt a Collaborative Ecosystem perspective: Business Value Chains have been broken, you need to adopt a Innovative and Agile Strategy to Manage the Continuous Change in a collaborative ecosystem.
  7. Leverage correctly new digital technology for supporting the Business Digital Transformation being closer the customer.
  8. Data and functional silos have to be eliminate: you need to integrate data, processes and systems.
  9. All above principles have to be in the top executive agenda with priority one.
  10. You don’t need to be all in one vertical integrated business organization but you have to rule all in one. You need to have in mind the different levels of the organization and govern all of them in a consistent framework: sales & channels, product & services, implementation & delivery, customer relation & support, organization culture, digital technology, partner ecosystem and change management.